Teaching is NOT my Hobby

At a recent tech conference, I heard a couple of the presenters say that teaching and tech was not just their jobs but also their main hobby and interest outside of work.  Although I admire their dedication, I feel strongly that interests outside of work, as well as a happy family life, are EXTREMELY important.

As much as I love my job and feel passionate about the work of education, I LOVE my life outside of work and teaching.  I have a beautiful family with whom I am currently spending LOTS of time with over the break.  I am also passionate about hobbies.  Underwater photography is one of those passions. 

My family, personal hobbies and time spent dedicated to my life outside of teaching, in my opinion, are extremely important and actually make me a better teacher.

I’m an avid underwater photographer and recently began using a new wide-angle lens.  This added a whole new learning curve to taking photos.  I’m enjoying the challenge and am actually pretty pleased with the end result.  Some of these will make my “About Me” wall at school ;->


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