Low-Tech Creating

Anyone who knows me at all will tell you I’m a huge advocate for integrating the effective use of technology into the classroom, but I’m really more about student creativity and engaging in projects that require students to exert a sustained effort over time, work collaboratively, think critically, and ends in the students producing something “real.”  For me, the technology was just a means to an end.  My first year of teaching, I had my students create a student news program that was broadcast across our school’s closed-circuit television system.  I then got into HyperStudio (in our Apple IIgs lab), Web design, photo editing, and more recently coding.  

Throughout my career, I’ve also facilitated students in LOTS of low- or no-tech projects.  Origami is one example of those types of projects.  Lots of coordination, space perception, math skills, etc. are involved.  Here’s a recent shot of students creating origami stars on the last day before Winter Break.


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