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I haven’t been blogging in quite some time.  It just seems like I’m so busy, but my New Year’s resolution is to get into a regular habit of posting reflections of my own teachings, things that get me “fired up,” and things that really make me feel “burned.”  My strategy to “keep the blogging fire going” is to keep the posts short, as I really don’t have the time for a writing a whole lot of details.  If you’re new to this site, keep in mind that some of the previous posts are a few years old.  

So here I go with a short little blurb about my new Rhode VideoMic Pro and boom pole.  I’d been strategically placing two wireless lapel mics on kids when larger groups are involved in a production, but the new mic seems to be much more effective.  There’s no wireless hum, that although is very faint, annoys me.  Plus the kids love holding to pole.  The mic cost a little over $200; that’s cheap compared to wireless mic systems.

I this photo, a group is recording a television commercial about an educational board game they created.  I’ll have to post some of their commercials when they’re done editing.  Most are very good and several are absolutely hilarious.

video produtions

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