Putting the Fire Out!

     As someone who is very passionate about teaching, I sometimes find I get a little over-absorbed in educational issues, my class, lessons, that child that just isn’t getting it….I think most of you can relate.  I try to clear my head by going on hikes, exercising, and playing music.  However, nothing really offers quite the escape as my underwater photography hobby.  While diving, I’m literally and figuratively in “another world.”  The added component of photography feeds my creatve, geeky side.
     So Spring Break for me is HERE, and I’m off to San Clemente Island (off the coast of Southern California) to escape for a day of underwater photography.  I’ll come back completely refreshed and ready to once again get back to solving the world’s problems!
     Hope all you teachers out there are taking some time out for yourselves…YOU DESERVE IT!
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